The Revision

Revision. The word was feared by the denizens of my imagination. It meant something just beyond the horizon—a swath of jungle filled with horrible noises and shadows that reached for ankles. This, of course, was because I had never seriously revised. The main motto I heard and in turn repeated was kill your darlings. (That’s … Continue reading The Revision


Writing Hats

Sometimes, I feel like the old cartoons my Dad used to watch. Where the mild-mannered clerk stepped into an alleyway or convenient telephone booth to put on a cape, and save the day. Granted, I’m usually the villain in these cases. My job is to hinder characters from point A to point B, and maybe … Continue reading Writing Hats

Author Interview with Amy Leow

Today you get to see the details of my interview with Wattpad author Amy Leow, also known as Miss Book Nut! Her book Constantine has reached #1 on the Wattpad Fantasy list, is currently a featured story, and has gathered over 500k reads. When and why did you start writing? Since forever, really. Or more … Continue reading Author Interview with Amy Leow

DIY Characters: Names

Hello! This is the second addition in my “DIY” character posts. Today, we’re going to focus a bit on character names. Here are a few questions to get you started: 1. Think about the culture in your world. How would a name relate to that? Is there a strong emphasis on the letter ‘e’ or … Continue reading DIY Characters: Names

DIY Characters

Ah, the title caught your eye, didn’t it? You may be asking what exactly a “DIY” character is. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Character: An original character an author has created themselves, used only with the aid of their imagination. This post is a quick "cheat sheet" on how to create your next great character. Let’s begin with … Continue reading DIY Characters

Author Interview with Coco Nichole

Recently I interviewed the published author Coco Nichole! Her book Sun Kissed is a featured story on the Wattpad Fantasy list. It has also been featured on two Diversity YA Lit blogs. She is currently working on the final addition to her Encante Trilogy: Tempestade. Here were the details of the interview: What sparked your … Continue reading Author Interview with Coco Nichole

Orphan Protagonists

 From the seasoned story boarders at Disney to the aspiring authors on Wattpad, there seems to be a high rate of orphan protagonists in stories. I understand the need to remove parental supervision (after all, who would willingly let their kid go on long adventures, gain questionable allies, and battle deadly villains?) but is there … Continue reading Orphan Protagonists