The Villain


I have posted this in an effort to help others who may struggle with creating realistic antagonists. No matter what rating or genre that your tale is in, your main character will face challenges. Usually, this is in the form of a villain. The question is: how can you make them unique and enjoyable to the reader? Here are some tips:

>> Have a tie between the antagonist(s) and the protagonist. Is the villain a relative turned bad? A love relationship gone sour? A friend who becomes cold after a quarrel?

>> Make the bad guy have a spark of light in them. No matter how dark and soulless a person may be, at one point in their lives they were halfway decent. Exploit this path and create a realistic backstory for the villain and explain why he or she acts the way they do.

>> Villains are not perfect. Give them flaws. It does not have to be as obvious as a peg leg, but you can hint at more subtle flaws they have in your story (example: A phobia of heights. That is why his or her lair is underground.)

If you have any tips as to how to make a villain better, please share them in the comments. 🙂


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