How Books Are Like Coffee


I’m a barista, and make a lot of connections between my job and everyday life. Recently, I made a comparison between my hobby (writing) and coffee: on a general scale, books can be like a well layered latte. Let me explain:

In a latte, you have the syrup/sauce, espresso shot, steamed milk and then an optional amount of whipped cream on top.

In a book, you have those same factors:

Inspiration: A burst of ideas that sets the stage for the book (like flavored syrup)

Characters: The players in the tale that make everything come to life (like an espresso shot)

Plotline: The bulk of the story that is shaped by the characters and inspiration (like the steamed milk)

Fans: Sweet and thoughtful surprises at the end of the process (like whipped cream)

Questions? Comments? Other comparisons you have? Let me know! 🙂


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