Author Interview with Lina Hanson

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to interview my good friend and one of Wattpad’s prominent authors; Lina Hanson! Her works have been ranked in the top 20’s worldwide for multiple genres, and her book Cursed Times- What Now? has been a featured story on the site, as well as winning a Watty (the Wattpad, literary equivalent of an Emmy Award). Here were the details of the interview:

What is your favorite genre, and why? Fantasy adventures and mysteries. I like the idea of exploring the unknown and I love reading about magic. Our world is so horrid, we need some miracles.

When and why did you start writing? I started writing when I was ten but I only did it professionally once I hit university. There was no Wattpad back then; otherwise things would have looked different. But I was on the school newspaper, for example.

What inspired the creation of your favorite character? My own journey through life and my observation. I am not Trueth, and she is not me, but there is a lot of what I have learned in her.

Who were your role models during the writing process? I don’t think I had any. I just wrote what I wanted to read.

Who is your target audience for your books? What feedback have you received from that audience? Adult readers from the age of 25. Surprisingly, my readership at Wattpad is a lot younger than that (maybe not surprising, in any case I’m pleased that what I write also appeals to younger people!)

How many books are you planning to have in your current series? I’m planning a trilogy, but after the sequel I will probably write a few spin-offs. First, I need to give myself a break.

What steps are you planning to take next in your writing adventure? Next steps – see above.

I have always been gifted/cursed with an over-active imagination. That can be helpful if you are looking for escapism, but it can also get in the way of university or professional careers. At least I managed to build my career on my writing and personal skills and got surprisingly far up the foodchain.
I have been a PR and Marketing professional as well as communication specialist in some form or other all my life. Interrupted only by a 2 year period where I was Managing Director of an Internet Startup. But Sales is not my thing. Too unimaginative…
Writing, painting, dancing, cooking – I have a lot of hobbies and very little time for them. 50 hour weeks are the norm in the type of job I’m in. At the very least.
I have no children so I do have a bit of time for myself, my husband and our two cats… Must have cats, but I love animals in general.

Make sure to check out Lina Hanson’s books here:


2 thoughts on “Author Interview with Lina Hanson

  1. Great interview Lina. Nice to hear a little more about you and your background. You are so motivated and always seem full of not only creativity but energy as well. Wattpad is lucky to have you and your amazing voice!


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