Author Interview with Kristin Jacques

Continuing on with the interview trend, I recently spoke to the amazing Kristin Jacques. Her books have been highly ranked and praised in a wide variety of categories. Her story Zombies Vs Aliens has been featured by Wattpad, and her other tale Marrow Charm won a Watty this year. Here were the details of the interview:

When and why did you start writing? When you started out, were you aiming to be an accomplished author? I wanted to be a storyteller in some form or another from an early age. I used to dictate stories of my dog, a superhero of course, to my mother who typed them up so I could illustrate them. Spinning worlds and populating them was the pastime of my youth. When I learned you could tell stories as a career, that is what I wanted to do. I dreamed up being a published author at 13 like Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. This was before I learned a bit more about writing and publishing.

What were some of your favorite books growing up? The great works of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, (especially their collaborative work Good Omens) Tamora Pierce, and Diana Wynne Jones. Howl’s Moving Castle is the book I read til the spine broke. Aliens Secrets by Annette Curtis Klause was my introduction to sci-fi. Pierce wrote some of my favorite female characters ever.

Have any of these books inspired your current stories? I must give due to all these great artists for their influence of my writing, both the darker and lighter sides. Pratchett, in particular, taught me almost anything possessed a lighter side, including Death. I don’t think I would have tried to write an apocalyptic comedy without Gaiman and Pratchett. Pierce and Jones had world building down pat.

Who would be your favorite character in your tales and why? Fred from Zombies vs Aliens will always hold a special place in my heart. I imparted a bit of my klutzy, goofball self into the character and then amplified it.
How did you first find out about Wattpad? I stumbled upon Wattpad two years ago. At the time I was struggling with my writing in general. I signed up, posted a couple old chapters and did absolutely nothing. It wasn’t until earlier this year I tried again. I also discovered there were forums. That helped.

What were your first thoughts when you received a Watty this year? I was at work when I found out. It was a shock. I went to the back room and squealed incoherently for a few minutes. Honestly, I am still a bit shocked. The main thought was ‘Well damn, I better get writing.’

What are you planning to do next in your writing journey? Continuing with Marrow Charm and the Z vs A sequel. I am also tinkering with a romance (gasp) and a Gothic Steampunk tale.

Make sure to check out Kristin Jacques’s books here:


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