DIY Characters

DIY Characters 1Ah, the title caught your eye, didn’t it? You may be asking what exactly a “DIY” character is.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Character: An original character an author has created themselves, used only with the aid of their imagination.

This post is a quick “cheat sheet” on how to create your next great character. Let’s begin with a few questions:

1. How strong (mentally and physically) do you imagine your character to be? Two extremes would be an academically challenged meathead or a weak genius.

2. Think of fears that your character may have. A great list of fears can be found here:

Great! So you have the beginning out an outline for your character. Here are a couple more questions:

1. Let’s start thinking of descriptions. What color hair does your character have? How about their eyes or skin? Do they have any physical disabilities?

2. What are some tics or habits your character has (ex: picks at scabs when nervous, cocks their head to the side when confused)?

Don’t focus on a name yet! The key is to get the personality and description down first. Hang in there for my next post.


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