Writing Hats


Sometimes, I feel like the old cartoons my Dad used to watch. Where the mild-mannered clerk stepped into an alleyway or convenient telephone booth to put on a cape, and save the day.

Granted, I’m usually the villain in these cases. My job is to hinder characters from point A to point B, and maybe they’ll grow a little while flying over chasms or fighting the six-fingered man who killed their father.

However, I still get enjoyment from pretending to be someone else and putting on the many hats of a writer. My wardrobe includes:

The Research Hat. This would be a worn, newsboy one with perhaps a few bits of hay stuck to it. It’s the one I wear the most while mucking through the stalls of online sources and forgotten books.

The Editor Hat. This one is a bit nicer, because I wear it less while writing. Still has the tag on it, actually. I cover a wide range with the editor hat, from typos to subplots. Most of the time, I’m making sure everything is coherent.

The Inspired Hat. A favorite of mine would be this hat. It’s made of sugar, and melts quickly when I’m in an editing storm, but always finds itself back on my head at the end of things—ready to come up with more ideas.

There are more, of course, but these are the main ones. They may not be altogether stylish, but they are crucial to the writing process, and the struggles and joys that come with it.

What writing hats do you carry? Perhaps they are coats or chinchillas instead. Let me know in the comments.


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